New Star Trek and Game of Thrones Silver Necklaces Listed!

I’m so excited to announce my latest pieces- three beautiful, handcrafted, sterling silver necklaces.  I’ve been addicted to working with silver lately. All of these necklaces are made completely out of sterling silver. 

I wanted to update my existing Star Trek necklace to give it more of a trendy appeal, so I made a silver hammered version. Want one? Get yours here.

Unlike the pre-existing Voyager I offer, this necklace is more petite and subtle, making it suitable for any environment. Need a Voyager in your life? Get it here.

Love House Stark? Me too. This necklace is smaller than the original version I offer, making it easier to wear on a daily basis. Get yours here!

What do you think? Are you going to order one? Excited about the silver! Let me know by commenting below!

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